Chapuis Armes

Super Orion double rifles

Super Orion double rifles
Chapuis Armes created the over-and-under Super Orion express rifles in the early 1990. These rifles quickly established a reputation for second to none elegance, durability and accuracy. The very shallow Super Orion action, which makes for a slender and very lively gun,
is embellished with newly-designed engraving that has been masterminded by Master Engraver Ivan Thierry.

  • C5 & C10 Models

    C5 & C10 Models

    Scalloped and sculpted action with interchangeable recoil/headspace plate, complete with new engraved and chisel-chased floral borders and medallion game scenes on both action faces as well as action bottom. Blitz-type double trigger battery (single trigger on option). 550mm barrels (600mm on request) with quarter rib pre-machined to accept scope mounting bases. Luminescent fiber optic « battue » rear sight and heightadjustable front sight supplied. Pistol grip stock with cheekpiece in AAA fancy walnut (AA fancy walnet for extractor versions) with matching walnut checkered buttplate.   Shipped in a plastic gun case with Chapuis Armes logotype.

  • C15 Serie 3

    C15 Serie 3

    The new 28-gauge Orion receiver is lower and thinner, with a round-body design and reduced firing pins spacing. New, continuous medium relief ornamental engraving, Royal-style, all around, with new hunting and game scenes on both faces and the bottom of the receiver. New barrels profile, 550 mm length for faster handling and target acquisition. Pistol grip stock with an English-style, rounded-out cheekpiece, splinter-type forend with fastening lever. AAAA Fancy walnut.

  • C25 Serie 3

    C25 Série 3

    New action, originally developed for 28 ga., with reduced height and width for faster handling. Rounded out design, with a smaller detonating and reduced firing pins spacing. New “Royal” style deep-cut engraving wrapping around the receiver, with new game scenes engraved on both sides and bottom of the action. New barrels profiles, 55 cm (22-in.) length. AAAA Fancy walnut rounded stock with English-style cheekpiece, smaller forend