Chapuis Armes

A round body action is much more elegant, slimmer, refined - in a word distinguished - than the basic, more traditional and blunter receivers we have long seen in many guns. It is also far more difficult to build and refine.

We did not just change the shape of the action. Every detail was thought through, a lot of time was spent on designing and streamlining new manufacturing processes. From the basic action structure to the engraved tapestries through the detailing of the detonating, we did a complete redesign job.

The round body action required a completely new approach. Shooters and hunters have received the new design so well that we decided to expand it to include our new range of « Series 3 » side-byside double rifles.

There is no place in a double rifle for improvisation. We went to a new contour for our own cold-hammered barrels and gave them a length of 22 inches (55 cm). We join the barrels in the traditional, hard-to-beat way our gunsmiths master and conduct regulating in our in-house shooting tunnels. Once we are satisfied with the regulation, we give them a very high glass-like polish and a hand-rubbed blue finish that is so deep as to appear transparent.




Chapuis Armes managers travel to the various areas mainly in the Caucasus where walnut trees have grown. The standing trees are selected first, then cut down. One divided into rough planks with the utmost care and constant attention to texture, colour and motive, they are stored under controlled conditions for a long time before they can be turned into gun stocks and forends.

While part of that work is conducted in machines, the all-important final shaping, sanding, pore-filling and oil finish are done by hand.

There is nothing that can replace the trained hands and eyes of professional stockmakers. Meticulous care is painstakingly applied to the final stages of the birth of an exceptional gunstock, all the way to perfect checkering and selecting matching walnut to make sure the stock and forend will absolutely complement each other.