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Express Superposée S12

 Express Superposée S12
Chapuis Armes elected to give their new S12 over-and-under double rifle a soberly designed, deeply and richly blued receiver. The S12 keeps the round action design and finely sculpted detonating of all Chapuis Armes rifles.

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    Gunmakers have for many years been confronted with the regulation of double rifle barrels and ist conservation over the years. A very delicate soldering exercise, regulation is the realm of experienced, dedicated specialists who machine and solder specific precision parts that space the barrels. Any change in ammunition (bullet weight, pressure, velocity) will degrade accuracy and require that regulation is redone from scratch, an expensive and time-consuming operation that includes complete barrel refinishing. Many gunmakers have tried a variety of adjustable systems over the years, with very limited success. Now Chapuis Armes introduces a revolutionary and repeatable regulation system with its new S12 over-and-under double rifle. Repeating or bolt-action rifles have long used free-floating barrels, which explain how remarkably small groups are made possible with proper ammunition. This type of accuracy was out of the reach of double rifle makers - until now. Results speak for themselves. Keep in mind reloading a break-open double rifle is very much quicker than inserting several cartridges into any given magazine type, even with little practice. Learn more