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Side-by-Side Double rifle X4

 Side-by-Side Double rifle X4
Many gunmakers have tried to design and build double rifles with an adjustable regulation feature, without attaining the level of performance that the Chapuis Armes X4 side-by-side now demonstrates.

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    In a conventional double rifle, barrel convergence can only be obtained by a complex soldering operation that requires highly skilled labour and mandates the use of only one load. With very few exceptions, this means that going to another load requires re-regulation of the barrels, which implies returning the gun to the factory for intricate polishing and blueing. The left-hand barrel is fixed. No significant force needs to be applied to it. An adjustable block allows for simple and easy regulation by an easy change in the pressure it exerts on the free-floated right-hand barrel, equipped with a guiding ring. The barrel band is also fully floated. This unique barrel design has been patented. A confirmed professional gunsmith will find that fast, non-invasive adjustments can be conducted easily without complex tooling whenever there is a need for different ammunition or loadings. When installing optical sights, there is no longer any chance that the point of impact is changed because of the weight or constraints coming from the mount or the weight of the optics. Learn more