Chapuis Armes

Agex Jungle

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High tensile strength all-steel action, scalloped and sculpted with finely-fitted sideplates and large integral reinforcing side ribs.

  • New design engraving of Royal-style deep-cut motives over matted background, with chainlink detailing around the sideplates.
  • Chased game scene engraving on side plates with Cape buffalos on one side and an elephant on the other, plus a lion head medallion set on action bottom.
  • Double parallel lumps breeching.
  • Blitz-type battery, double triggers.
  • Pistol grip stock with English-style cheekpiece and sculpted semi-beavertail forend in de luxe AAAAA Fancy walnut with hand-rubbed oil finish, Old english recoil pad.
  • Single-piece jointing rib with integral quarter-rib sighting rib, fitted with a rear sight with three folding leaves and one standing leaf.
  • Lengthened, bordered trigger bow with fine scroll engraving, steel engraved pistol grip cap with integral reservoir.


Shipped along with regulation target in a fabric-covered trunk case with Chapuis Armes logotype.

AGEX Jungle Ejectors

Available Calibers :

300 Win - 375 H&H - 375 FL
470 NE - 416 Rigby

Average weight from 4,2kg to 4,9kg
according to caliber