Chapuis Armes

New REX Artisan Serie 3

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Built on the new Chapuis Armes round body action with shortened spacing of the firing pins, as on the new 28-bore shotgun with in addition side plate receiver.

  • Hand made engraving with game scene “Al bulino” engraved on both side plates and underneath the receiver.
  • Medium relief floral ornaments going all around the receiver and signed by a Master Engraver.
  • Pistol grip stock with German cheekpiece of circassian walnut in AAAAA fancy grade. lengthened, bordered hand engraved trigger bow, engraved skelton steel pistol grip cap and buttplate fitted over walnut spacers.


Shipped in a trunk type fabric-covered fitted case with Chapuis Armes logo.

REX Artisan Serie 3 Ejectors

Round action

Barrel lenght 550 mm / 21-inches 1/2

Cal 9,3x74 R - 8x57 JRS
7x57 R - 6,5x5 R - 30.30 Win

Average weight 3 kg

REX Artisan Ejectors

Round action

Barrel lenght 550 mm / 21-inches 1/2
or 600 mm / 23-inches 1/2 Optional

Cal 9,3x74 R - 8x57 JRS - 7x65 R
30 R Blaser Optional

Average weight 3,3 kg