Chapuis Armes

New 28-bore RP Artisan

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Features the new Progress round body action with firing pins set only 20mm (3/4 of an inch) apart, complete with side plates.

  • Hand-sculpted detonating in reduced size.
  • Fully hand-engraved by a Master Engraver with English-style bouquets, in wraparound fashion, with deep-cut borders and foliage engraving on the detonating and action bottom plate.
  • “Al bulino” game scenes blending into the bouquets on the action bottom and both faces.
  • 71cm (28 in.) barrels with double parallel locking underlugs fitted with disappearing top rib.
  • Interchangeable choke tubes optional.
  • Roundedout, straight English-style stock in AAAAA fancy walnut.
  • Checkered Walnut shoulder piece, splinter-type forend with recessed locking lever.
  • Hand-rubbed oil finish, hand-cut checkering.
  • Blitz-type battery, double triggers, lenghtened trigger bow.


Shipped in a trunk type fabric-covered fitted case with Chapuis Armes logo.

28-bore RP Artisan

Round action

71cm / 28-inches barrels, fixed chokes
(interchangeable chokes optional)

Average weight 2,45kg (5 lbs)