Chapuis Armes

C115 Artisan Serie 3

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  • The new 28-gauge Orion receiver is lower and thinner, with a hand-finished round-body design, hand-chased detonating with decorative rib on receiver and reduced firing pins spacing.
  • New handmade engraving with "al-bulino" game scene signed by a Master engraver and medium-relief ornements wrapping around the action.
  • Pistol grip stock with a german-style cheekpiece.
  • Engraved, skelettonized steel pistol grip cap and buttplate with walnut spacer.
  • AAAAA fancy walnut.

C115 Artisan Serie 3 - Ejectors

New 28 ga. - sized round body action, scalloped for perfect wood-to-metal fit

Calibers : 9,3x74 R - 8x57 JRS
7x65 R - 30.30Win - 7x57 R - 6,5x57R

Average weight : 3kg