Chapuis Armes

C25 Serie 3

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  • New action, originally developed for 28 ga., with reduced height and width for faster handling.
  • Rounded out design, with a smaller detonating and reduced firing pins spacing.
  • New “Royal” style deep-cut engraving wrapping around the receiver, with new game scenes engraved on both sides and bottom of the action.
  • New barrels profiles, 55 cm (22-in.) length. AAAA Fancy walnut rounded stock with English-style cheekpiece, smaller forend

C25 Serie 3 - Ejector

New scallopped 28 ga. round action, fitted with sideplates

Calibres available : 9,3 x 74 mm R, 8 x 57 mm JRS, 30-30 Win., 7 x 65 mm R, 7 x 57 mm R, 6,5 x 57 mm R

Average weight : 2,9 kg