Progress Série 3 Grand Luxe impérial


  • Available Calibers: 9,3 x 74 mm R – 8 x 57 mm JRS – 7 x 65 mm R – 30R Blaser – 30.06
  • Average weight: 3,3 kg

Hand-contoured and detailed action fitted with sideplates, palms and round detonating. Double parallel locking underlugs, “Blitz” type double-trigger battery. 600 mm (24 in.) barrels (550 mm/22 in. on request) with a quarter rib rear sight base prepared for scope sight installation. Illuminated rear sight, adjustable foresight. Flush engraved forend locking lever.

Pistol grip stock with undercut german cheekpiece in luxury AAAAAA walnut, hand-rubbed oil finish, elongated trigger plate with raised border engraved trigger bow, engraved steel pistol grip cap. Hand-checkered rosewood butt plate. Comes in a New Prestige Chapuis Armes gun case.