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Rols Tracker


Introducing the latest addition to the ROLS rifle range, with a unique configuration designed by and for our hunting trackers

This compact (51cm barrel), lightweight and durable ROLS will cope with all the extreme situations that trackers may encounter in their hunting activities.

RAPID’s patented sling swivel bases at the muzzle and heel of the stock give this ROLS a new dimension in maneuverability.

Technical specifications

Cal 9.3×62 / 30.06

New one-piece stock in FSC-certified Techno Wood with brushed finish and Black Grey color.

RAPID’s patented sling swivel bases support ring in the muzzle of the barrel and on the left side of the stock heel.

Supplied with a set of swivels

51cm long barrel with sights

Recommended retail price = 2.890 € TTC

Shown here with Chapuis FITGO sling.


While its successor, the Progress X4, took over, we maintained our iconic Progress UGEX for a few more years.

Our UGEX model is part of the Chapuis-Armes identity. Launched in 1974, this model helped democratize the double express in France, thanks to its low price at a time when this type of weapon was extremely expensive.

Even today, its double hook system remains the most reliable ever offered to hunters.

So we had to mark the occasion – because this year is the last – for this “UGEX last Edition”, whose features are as follows:


Square action with new half cut floral engraving on the sides and wild boar’s head engraved underneath

  • 55cm long barrel / Cal. 9,3x74R – 8x57JRS
  • Extractors
  • Single Trigger Set
  • Pistol grip with English cheekpiece in selected walnut upgraded to 3 stars
  • Limited and numbered series of 100
  • Delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity

Recommended retail price = €5,200

Available now from your gunsmith!

UGEX Last Edition


We are delighted to present this very special model, whose design and features have been defined in close collaboration with our colleagues at the Beretta Galleries in the USA and France.

These models will be available in 12, 16, 20 and 28 caliber only in the eponymous stores in Paris, New York and Dallas.

We’ve put our expertise to work to create a gun that combines modern design, class and elegant finishes.

Based on our Chapuis Progress Side by Side Model RP “Classic” in side plates, the features are as follows

🟤 12 AND 16 GAUGE

– Special laser engraving in fine English ornamentation and “Gallery Edition” banner on the underside of the action

– Ejector Version

– Barrel Length 700 mm (27 1/2″) HP Cip steel proof

– ¼ & 1/2″ fixed chokes

– Goldened Single trigger

– Roles edged Long trigger tang

– Automatic safety

– Prince of Wales-style stock in selected 4-star walnut

– Gun delivered in a luxurious special “Gallery Edition” case in “Beretta green” color, surrounded by a leather band in “arancio” orange color and brown velvet inside.


– Special laser engraving in fine English ornamentation and “Gallery Edition” band on the underside of the rocker.

– Ejector version

– Barrel Length 700 mm (710 mm for 28-gauge) HP Cip steel proof

– Interchangeable chokes

– Goldened Single trigger

– Roles edged Long trigger tang

– Automatic safety

– English stock in 4-star selected walnut

– Delivered in a luxurious special “Gallery Edition” case in “Beretta Green”, surrounded by an orange “arancio” leather band and brown velvet inside.

MR73 5″1/4 Sport in Caliber 357/38.


Limited edition 73 units for the export market and 73 units for the French market.

1. Additional 9mm cylinder

2. Enhanced optical-fiber sights

· Home Made Front sight with red Color Optical fiber.

· LPA rear sigh with Green Color Optical fiber.


3. Custom made Oiled finished walnut grip

· checkered fingerprint and original Manurhin Gold Medal on left side.


4. Additional yellow tempered parts (in addition to the standard Trigger and hammer)

· The Ejector road of the 2 Cylinders

· The Cylinder release button


5. Special yellow color Engravings

· Barrel Left Side: MR73 Heritage 357 Magnum

· Frame Left Side: Special serial Number N°X/73

· Frame Righ Side: Special logotype “1973 – MR – 2023”

6. Deluxe ABS case with locks.


· Laser cutted slots

· Special logotype on the internal face made of Black Velvet “MR73 Heritage” & “50eme Anniversaire”.

· Document Holder onto the internal face.

7. Special tools & spare parts



· Home Made 9mm Clips x 4

· LPA regulation tool for the rear sight.

· Homemade Oiled Finished walnut and brass screwdriver (to remove the cylinders)

· Manurhin Tool Kit

· M3 Allen Key to regulate trigger stopping screw



8. Delivered with its Certificate of authenticity + CIP proof certificate + Manurhin Instruction Manual