• New stick pristolet 1 part carried out in Beech and covered on all surface with a synthetic treatment Soft Touch any time, ultra resistant to the shocks like with the scratches.
  • Plate of layer anti retreat
  • New black steel Carcass bronzed rise in the new Cross Soft Touch
  • Rotary charger great capacity 4 1 in Standard gauge & 3 1 Gauges Magnum
  • Average Weigh: 3.1 kg
  • Gauge standard: 6,5x55SE – 243 Win – 7×64 – 270 Win – 30.06 – 308 Win
  • Gauge medium: 9,3×62
  • Supplement gauges magnum: 300 Win Mag – 7 Rem Mag
  • Available in left-handed version

Conceived to be the direct prolongation of your arm, this new linear rifle ROLS® is intended as well for huntings in beaten, as with huntings of approach or mountain. At ease on all the grounds thanks to its extreme modularity, you will be able in to change the guns of your rifle which are available right now in more than 10 gauges. Thanks to its extreme lightness, a perfect balance and a very great fluidity of the mechanism, the shootings can be connected at a constant rate.