Super Orion C60 / C65 Light


  • Woodcock type
  • Pistol grip or Straight stock made out of 2 Stars walnut on C60 – 3 Stars on C65
  • Gauges available: 12 – 20Mag with
  • Fixed Chokes or interchangeable Chokes Tubes Optional Plume rib with barrel length: 600mm (23 1⁄2 in) or 660mm (26in)
  • Average weight: 2,5 kg (5Lbs 19oz) depending on gauge and barrel length

The technical design of our Super Orion receiver which is one of the lowest in the market has an interchangeable recoil plate located just underneath the barrel that confer to our Shotgun an exceptional strength. As our over & under is one of strongest shotgun we present today the C60-C65 Light, a lightweight version of our iconic Super Orion.

The choice of rough material is always a critical step in the manufacturing process of hunting weapons, we conducted extensive research with our metallurgist’s partners to offer what’s now the best in terms of Ultralight alloy.

The selection of superalloy Fortal 7075 is not a coincidence. Recognized in many areas of activity, such as aeronautics and high technology sectors, for these qualities of strength comparable to the best steels, this superalloy also feature mechanical elasticity which is essential on hunting weapons. About 3 times lighter than conventional steel, machining in the block this new receiver and forehand allowed us to save valuable hundred grams to offer a lighter shotgun with near a half Kilo less. More compact but still well balanced, thanks to these technical choices, robustness that forged for over 3 decades Super Orion’s reputation has not been sacrificed.