Super Orion Série 3 Classic C5 / C10 Light


  • C5 Light Extractor – C10 Light Ejector
  • Available Calibers: 8 x 57 mm JRS – 9,3 x 74 mm R – 30.06
  • Average weight: 2,9 kg

Over & under Express rifle with a free floating barrel design and a mechanical system to adjust the convergence of the barrels.

The Soul of these new express rifles obviously resides in the hidden barrel regulating system. Whether you fire four, six or eight rounds cartridges in a quick succession or just send one or two bullets on their way to your game, convergence and regulation stay assured in most hunting situations and with most quality cartridges. With this new over & under double rifle the regulation adjustment block is not visible.

Regulating a double rifle in the traditional fashion means that the dispersion of the impacts from the two different barrels must stay within specifications. Whenever a loading different from the cartridge used in the initial, factory regulations wanted, everything changes. Pressures, velocities, bullet, forcing into the rifling , friction are different vibration cycle to both barrels. Returning the rifle to the factory entails multiple soldering and imposes a complete refinishing of the barrels and joining bands and spacers. Obviously changing ammunition used to be a consuming, costly endeavor.

The new over & under double rifle turns this complicated re-regulation exercise into a child’s play for a competent gunsmith. A mechanical system is fitted to one of the barrels and lets the gunsmith adjust barrel in a few minutes, by simply firing a few cartridges at the target set at the appropriate distance. The adjustment block is totally invisible. The floating barrel arrangement and guide ring are hardly noticeable. Only the results as on the target will show. This durable, revolutionary concept in a double rifle is a great leap forward as it enables the hunter to tailor his ammunition to the game he plans to hunt.