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Beretta Holding SA prend une participation majoritaire stratégique dans la société française Chapuis Armes SAS.

The Beretta Holding Group, world leader in the hunting and defense arms industry, have strengthened their position in their field of activity on the French market but also internationally.

Major synergies between Beretta and Chapuis Armes: Chapuis Armes has unique and patented “know-how” in the manufacture of rifled weapons. The Chapuis range of over-under and side by side Express rifles, ROLS straight pull rifles and Manurhin revolvers complete the Beretta Holding Group.

The artisanal and semi-artisanal manufacture of over-under, side by side fine and tailored shotguns and rifles is a complement to the Beretta Holding Group product lines, which are keen to preserve the traditional armory and gunsmithing. Chapuis Arms will be able to develop for export by benefiting from the Beretta Holding network abroad while remaining established on the French market with its own distribution network.

Synergies in research and development, sourcing raw materials and semi-finished products, engineering, will enable Chapuis to strengthen its market segment.

About Chapuis Armes: Chapuis Armes is a French family company created after the war, located in Saint Bonnet le Château France, in Loire county cradle of the French armory
Chapuis Armes was labeled “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” in 2012. Vincent and David Chapuis took over from René Chapuis, who was a forerunner in the manufacture of industrialized and semi- artisanal Express rifles in the 1990s.

The manufacture of the famous Manurhin revolvers was integrated in 1998, continuing a French brand recognized by law enforcement and sports shooters. Chapuis Express rifles, acclaimed by big game hunters, have evolved, incorporating a patented system of precision adjustment while keeping their classic design.

The launch of the ROLS range of straight pull rifles with unique characteristics is a major challenge and allows Chapuis Armes to count among the innovative manufacturers in a significant market with products highly appreciated by hunters and shooters. The manufacture of Classic, Tailor-made and Grand Luxe smooth and rifled barrel weapons is a major asset of the Chapuis company which satisfies the greatest number while respecting the French gunsmith tradition.

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